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Design thinking for circular economy solutions.

Sandra is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice at Barnard College, where she teaches design and serves as Director of Campus Sustainability, and is the co-founder of Fixup.

Fixup builds and consults to create sustainable models of consumption.



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Lauren B. FAY

Lauren is Director of Programming, Development, and Marketing for Good Stuff. Her nonprofit organization, The New Fashion Initiative works to educate the public about the social and environmental impact of fashion, to increase accountability among corporate stakeholders in the industry, and to push for policy change that will create the paradigm shift needed in the industry.

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Linnae is Workshop Director for Good Stuff and a founder of Remade in Brooklyn, a re-maker space where anyone can learn repair and reuse skills. She is a lifelong fixer and has a background in editing and documentary filmmaking including work at MSNBC, American Masters, Martha Stewart Living TV, and Columbia University School of Engineering.

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Allison Vicenzi

Allison is Good Stuff's resident stylist and workshop co-director. Allison is a designer and entrepreneur on a mission to create more and consume less, and to help anyone interested in doing the same. Her clothing brand VICENZI is one of the earliest companies to introduce a circular business model and streamlined resale system. Fueled by a desire to connect people and ideas, she co-founded and co-organizes the Sustainable Fashion Circle monthly meetup series. A longtime vintage and flea market scout, Allison invented the #NoNewStuff challenge in 2015 to invite everyone, everywhere to find value in what's already made. Previously worked in 3D printing, edtech, and concierge services.

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Michael is Co-Founder of Fixup. He is an expert fixer specializing in carpentry and lighting. He is also Production Manager and Technical Director at Barnard College, Columbia University.


Teddy Cohen

Teddy is Associate Designer for Good Stuff and a Panamanian Architect with over three years of professional practice. He moved to NYC in 2014 to pursue Musical Theatre. After graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA NY) and working on acting contracts, it only made sense to integrate his design background with theatre, which resulted in assisting as a Set Designer. That’s how Sandra and he met and have been collaborating since. He’s excited to be able to contribute to an event as unique as Good Stuff.


Caitlin Harrington-Smith

Cait is a sustainability consultant with experience working on both public and private sustainability and food waste management initiatives, along with a degree focused in environmental economics from Columbia University. She currently helps runs operations for Fixup.


Adam Dowis

Adam is an expert maker and fixer with over 40 years of experience.



Alison consulted on the development of Good Stuff. She works with non-profit and for profit businesses, raising funds and awareness for brands and causes through board and donor engagement; sales, marketing and web strategies.



Julia Barere Cobb, Taryn Gates, Mackenzie Goulbourne, Rosaline Qi, and Jane Song.